Modern Shower Designs
After the tile, fixtures and flooring have been installed, you'll want to contact Davis Glass for the perfect glass accent in framed or frameless walls and doors.


Shower Doors can give you a sense of space and give a modern, clean look to your bathroom.


Framed or Frameless, there are plenty of styles to bring elegance and class to your bathroom; choose from a wide range of fittings.


Shower Doors or Walls are often constructed from tempered glass.


Mold, Grime and Bacteria are kept to a minimum when using glass doors or enclosures, providing a hygienic and easy-to-clean solution for any bathroom




Discover the Beauty & Benefits of Glass


Davis Glass and Screen is Lansing, Michigan's premiere glass specialist and we can advise on and install a wide range of shower enclosures both framed and frameless.



Products We Use and Recommend:


Arizona Shower Door brings practicality and a touch of elegance to every bathroom, as one of the top producers of tub/shower enclosures. Custom shower enclosures are also available.


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